Water Bottle Holder

These are my latest creations...water bottle holder.  I use a simple dc and chain st with six different colors of yarns.

...and the following red and green I used V stitch pattern.

and these are the yarns that I used for both of the pattern. 


Happy crocheting!


Shell Sun Hat

These two  Ruffled Shell Sun Hats were created in 2012 for my nieces.   The first hat was crocheted using the Minlon yarn.

  I used Wina yarn in three different colors for the second hat. 

and you know what?  I am so happy that I've  met the owner of the hat the other day
and she is still wearing it ...
 and with the consent of the mother herewith I share the picture of her ...just that she's not in the mood of modeling for me...anyway I am happy that it still fit her.  I've made this as a gift when she was a new born.  It was just too big for her at that time.
Happy  Crocheting everyone!