Latest pattern...

Latest pattern that currently available for sale or for custom order is this Sweet Slouchy Hat...

Pattern size available is for Teen/Adult(head circumference  20" - 22")  Please send and email to
hzhafz9(at)gmail(dot)com or shaza.zain[at]gmail[dot]com for details on payment and shipping.

Thank you!!

Wish everyone Happy Crocheting!!


Sharing photos...

Hi  everyone!! It has been quite sometime I post new items in my blog... if you a follower and would like to know what I'm up to currently, you may follow me at http://hooknneedlecreations.blospot.com/ where I use to update  my sewing and crocheting activities ...

A handful of you have been sending me wonderful pictures of your baby wearing my handmade items ... so today I'd do a quick post to share your beautiful babies pictures with others!

From iezue, Shah Alam -- 
"just to share...
beanie flower hat ni muat pakai dr umo 6 bulan sampai setahun lebih...TQ."



from Linda Hamidi, Kuala Lumpur -- CKN02

Talent : Aisyah Hanan Bte Mohd Yusran
Ibu : Rosyuhaidah Bte Mustapa --- FBH04
   "tq for the beautiful topi.." 

Thank you so much for sharing these... please keep on sending!!


Kopiah with name - CKN02**

Completed kopiah with name


Happy Crocheting!!


Baby Earflap Hat - BEHF01**

Latest creation added to my Earflap Hat collection.

This is up for SALE .... SOLD
Interested please contact me at hzhafz9@gmail.com

Baby Earflap Hat - EBHF01
Hat circumference : 39cm


Ruffled Sun Hat - RSH03**

Latest crochet project completed last week.
This is the third pattern
of the Ruffled Sun Hat category
added in to my collection.

Ruffled Sun Hat - RSH03


Earflap Hat- EBH03**

Today I'm sharing a picture of Earflap Hat which
was crocheted quite sometime ago.
Please ignore the head that being used to model the hat

and its holder....
it's a project that I've did with my children last weekend.
A project which was half way complete...
and to be continued this weekend.

Earflap Hat - EBH03 



Front view

Crocheted dress available for sale. SOLD
Interested please send your query via email or sms

Back view



I've been working on this Aviator baby hat this whole week, and hopefully I'll have a completed hat by Thursday...that's tomorrow.   This hat was ordered by Ms. Hong from Melaka.  She will deliver her first baby boy sometime next week. Hope it can reach her on time....


Earflap Hat**

Ordered by Zura from Subang, Selangor
This hat ordered by Zura. Originally it was from the EBH01 pattern which was in plain blue BUT since her baby is a girl she asked the hat to be in pink.  I include with the flower embelishment to make it more striking and colourful. The photo was just not so striking as it suppose to be.  It is my mistake since I took it at night. I should do it during day time so the natural light will help me to make it better.   A lesson to learn...for myself. Camera that I used to take this photo is Olympus U1040.