Baby Earflap Hat - BEHF01**

Latest creation added to my Earflap Hat collection.

This is up for SALE .... SOLD
Interested please contact me at hzhafz9@gmail.com

Baby Earflap Hat - EBHF01
Hat circumference : 39cm


Ruffled Sun Hat - RSH03**

Latest crochet project completed last week.
This is the third pattern
of the Ruffled Sun Hat category
added in to my collection.

Ruffled Sun Hat - RSH03


Earflap Hat- EBH03**

Today I'm sharing a picture of Earflap Hat which
was crocheted quite sometime ago.
Please ignore the head that being used to model the hat

and its holder....
it's a project that I've did with my children last weekend.
A project which was half way complete...
and to be continued this weekend.

Earflap Hat - EBH03