Sharing photos...

Hi  everyone!! It has been quite sometime I post new items in my blog... if you a follower and would like to know what I'm up to currently, you may follow me at http://hooknneedlecreations.blospot.com/ where I use to update  my sewing and crocheting activities ...

A handful of you have been sending me wonderful pictures of your baby wearing my handmade items ... so today I'd do a quick post to share your beautiful babies pictures with others!

From iezue, Shah Alam -- 
"just to share...
beanie flower hat ni muat pakai dr umo 6 bulan sampai setahun lebih...TQ."



from Linda Hamidi, Kuala Lumpur -- CKN02

Talent : Aisyah Hanan Bte Mohd Yusran
Ibu : Rosyuhaidah Bte Mustapa --- FBH04
   "tq for the beautiful topi.." 

Thank you so much for sharing these... please keep on sending!!